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Happy Diwali

What's Diwali

“Diwali” is a very important national festival in India, Nepal and other South Asian countries and is celebrated with great pomp, splendour and joy. Diwali stands for reaffirmation of hope, celebration of the joys of life, a renewed commitment to friendship and goodwill.

Festival Attractions

We welcome everyone to join us with families to celebrate Diwali.
Door Opens 12pm | Cultural 1.30pm | Fireworks 6.30pm | DJ 7pm

Iconic fireworks to celebrate diwali

Bollywood DJ

Show us all your Bollywood moves on the dance floor after the fireworks.

Authentic Food

Authentic indian food stalls including favorite indian street fast food like chaat, gol-gappe, idli-wada, dosa & loads more

Culture Fest

Ireland’s Finest Indian talent will be on Show to entertain you with dance, music & some masti


Variety of stalls including Henna Stalls, Indian Accessories, Toy Stall, Clothing, etc

Kids Corner

Kids activities to keep them occupied for hours.

Spiritual Bay

Roots of Spiritualism in India and Diwali 

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About us

100% voluntary non-profit organization

Unitas ISAC Limited is a non-profit organization setup and run by Indian Diaspora in Dublin, Ireland. Indian Diaspora of about 35 million people scattered in over 160 countries is one of the largest groups in the world. Descendants of Indians migrated all over the world carried culture and traditions of India with them; that continues to flourish globally till today. Unitas ISAC Limited specializes in celebration of major Indian Festivals in Ireland to promote culture to embrace unity in diversity.

    • FOL 2010

      RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin

    • FOL 2011

      RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin

    • FOL 2012

      Citywest Conference Centre, Dublin

    • FOL 2013

      Crokepark, Dublin

    • FOL 2014

      The Arena, Dublin

    • FOL 2015

      The Arena, Dublin

Past Glimpses

Here are some of the videos from our previous events. click here to view all our videos on our youtube channel.


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